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New Book

Dreaming Without Wings

Diagrams the new doorways in our mind and the symptoms that come with them, like sleepless nights, anxiety-ridden days and throbbing hearts

Available at Inner Journey Healing Arts 
and The Crystal Connection 
and Ray of Light Holistic Health
Circa Arts Gallery - South Bend IN

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Sharing the Lessons of Spirit Guides    
As the veil between us and the spirit world thins, our consciousness cries out for healing. Spirit works with every one of us now to bring our personal vibration more in line with purest love.      

Rhonda Rhose travels with an invisible entourage.  She hears and channels spirit guides.  Known for an ability to cut through the fog and bring in higher viewpoints, her readings have been touted as healing for the heart and mind.  Rhose’s belief is that most spiritual guidance she works with is an attempt by our soul, or our higher self, to send us confirmation of our own connection with divinity as well as to provide thinking and solutions from outside the box - the key to something better.

She has spent the last several years in a spirit-led workshop exploring our minds; how they work and how they are shifting and expanding, including new ways our soul guides are working with us to clear the negativity from our ports of possibility.  She outlines this process in an upcoming book, Dreaming without Wings.

Rhose also co-authored the book, Magdalene's Well, by Saga-Rhose.  She has studied metaphysics, in terms of how the spirit world relates to us – the world of form, for the last 40+ years and has provided readings, both channeled and using tarot as a tool of thought-organization for well over twenty years. 

Rhose has an office in her home in Granger where she is also a Past Life Regression Therapist as well as a Reiki Master.  She teaches the basics as well as advanced concepts in spiritual awareness and its pragmatic applications in the three-dimensional world.

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